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Office Equipment

This coverage applies to miscellaneous office contents and equipment, furniture and fixtures usual and incidental​ to the applicant's business, the applicant's property or the property of others for which the applicant is legally liable. Earthquake and Flood are excluded.

Miscellaneous Tools and Small Equipment

This coverage is intended to cover hand and power tools such as laser beams, transits, surveyor's instruments, walkie-talkies, radios, cell phones and similar items. The maximum value of any one tool is $1,500.

Computer Systems - Hardware

This coverage applies to data stored on media and programming records used for electronic data processing or electronically controlled equipment. Media includes such items as software, films, tapes, discs, drums or cells.

Computer Systems - Extra Expense

This coverage is intended to cover those extra expenses required to avoid or minimize the suspension of business and to continue business operations.

Scheduled Equipment - Light/Medium

This coverage is intended to cover equipment such as tractors, forklifts, compressors, portable generators, scaffolding, portable welders, portable concrete mixers, light plants, job site trailers and those small tools valued more than $1,500. Items will be specifically listed and scheduled on the policy.

Scheduled Equipment - Heavy

This coverage is intended to cover equipment such as loaders, bulldozers, graders, scrapers, and power shovels. Equipment used in asphalt plants, demolition, dredging, farming, logging, mining, oil field, landfill, roofing, scrap yards or cranes, booms, material handling conveyor equipment are types of equipment that are not eligible for coverage.

Installation Floater

This coverage applies to materials and supplies intended for installation, while in transit and at the job sites or at premises owned or leased by the insured if the material is designated for installation at a specific job site.

Rented / Leased Equipment

This coverage applies to equipment rented or leased from others. The lease or rental term on the equipment cannot exceed 12 consecutive months.